Broadway Show - Sherlock Holmes

Sold Out Performance!

It was a sold out performance! And that came as no surprise considering it was the winner of the 2007 Edgar Award for Best Mystery Play.
Avid playgoers came to the cozy Broadway West Theatre, Fremont, to watch "Sherlock Holmes - The Final Adventure" on October 17th.
Directed by Paula Chenoweth, the audience were treated to a fast-moving adaption of the play arranged by MPBA, and later, partook in a photo session as well as a Q&A.


"Sherlock Holmes - The Final Adventure" is about world's greatest detective who has reached the end of his career when a case presents itself that is too tempting to ignore: The King of Bohemia is about to be blackmailed by a notorious photograph, and the woman at the heart of this crime is the famous opera singer, Irene Adler. With his trusted companion at his side, Sherlock Holmes pursues first the case, and then the affections of Miss Adler.
Everyone enjoyed themselves that evening....Thanks MPBA for arranging the entertaining show! It was a real treat!



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Submitted by Angela Woon