MPBA Gourmet Club


The MPBA Gourmet Club was established by a group of ladies with great passion and love for cooking. They founded the club in the year 2000 out of their shared interest for Malaysian cooking methods. The former President of MPBA, Miss Jeannette Tan Hayden, appointed Chitty Eisenburg as their first chair person.


cooking1 Without hessitation, Chitty put in a lot of effort into the club that soon led to a series of workshops and cooking classes that were well attended by our MPBA members and non-members. Guest chefs were invited to teach a wide varity of cuisines such as Thai, Indian, Russian, Nonnya, Vietnamese, Mexican and, of course Malaysian. At the end of each session, everyone enjoyed a fantastic meal while having a chance to know each other. What a better way to meet people and enjoy delicious home-cooked food!


The current MPBA Gourmet Director, Doris Sek, hails from Ipoh, a city well known for its famous Ipoh Kuay Teow (noodle) and Cantonese style dishes. Besides her expertise in Malaysian style cuisines, Doris also picked up Thai cooking while residing in Thailand for 5 years.



Want to learn how to whip up some really delicious meals or simply want to enjoy good food with great taste in the company of like-minded people? Join the club now! Whether you're a single guy or a mother of four, we welcome everybody! Watch out for our upcoming gourmet cooking events.


Testimonials from past participants


"This was indeed a great event. The afternoon impacted me enough to change my dinner menu from Vietnamese pho to Malaysian satay."  - Howard S, Apr 2012


"Thank you so much it was delicious!" - WX Chua, Apr 2012


View photos from April 2012 Gourmet Cooking Class on our Facebook Photo Album